The Brignoli-Jacobs and Levy Portfolio

I have started a Saresight portfolio based on my interpretations of the conclusions of papers by Brignoli and Jacobs and Levy:

“Toward a Unified Theory of Investing” by Richard J. Brignoli

“Disentangling Equity Return Regularities: New Insights and Investment Opportunities” by Bruce I. Jacobs and Kenneth N. Levy

I plan to provide monthly returns of the portfolio under this Topic. I hope to stimulate a discussion among Sharesight members about how to best implement conclusions of these papers into an investment portfolio.

Why have NASDAQ shares not been updated since 11:02am on July 17, 2023? It is currently 4:50pm July 17, 2023.

It took longer than I expected to actually devise a strategy, but I plan to start publishing portfolio returns at the end of this month. One of the objectives is to have returns that are not significantly correlated with stocks or bonds. Sharesight requires that I have access to your email address should you become interested in seeing portfolio contents. The portfolio is expected to contain up to ten individual stocks or ETFs. The portfolio is likely to change somewhat at the end of each month. Questions, comments and suggestions are encouraged.