The Brignoli-Jacobs and Levy Portfolio

I have started a Saresight portfolio based on my interpretations of the conclusions of papers by Brignoli and Jacobs and Levy:

“Toward a Unified Theory of Investing” by Richard J. Brignoli

“Disentangling Equity Return Regularities: New Insights and Investment Opportunities” by Bruce I. Jacobs and Kenneth N. Levy

I plan to provide monthly returns of the portfolio under this Topic. I hope to stimulate a discussion among Sharesight members about how to best implement conclusions of these papers into an investment portfolio.

Why have NASDAQ shares not been updated since 11:02am on July 17, 2023? It is currently 4:50pm July 17, 2023.

It took longer than I expected to actually devise a strategy, but I plan to start publishing portfolio returns at the end of this month. One of the objectives is to have returns that are not significantly correlated with stocks or bonds. Sharesight requires that I have access to your email address should you become interested in seeing portfolio contents. The portfolio is expected to contain up to ten individual stocks or ETFs. The portfolio is likely to change somewhat at the end of each month. Questions, comments and suggestions are encouraged.

Sharesight portfolio return for September: -0.77%

Sharesight portfolio return for October: -0.31%

I opened a ROTH IRA Account at IB more than a decade ago. I decided to move my IB Account to Schwab about three years ago. Schwab gave me $1200 after the move, and IB added $361 of their own money to my old account trying to entice me back instead of closing the account. I am planning to use the IB Account with the IB deposit only to support this Topic. Round trip commissions are $2, so commissions will be very large relative to the trade dollar amount. We will see if I can overcome that disadvantage and grow the account using only the IB deposit of $361and the Topic strategy.

IB portfolio return for November: -0.12%

I would like to see your portfolio contents.
Thank you

Thank you for your interest. I am no longer tracking the portfolio at Sharesight as I explained above, so I can no longer provide access. Sorry! I don’t have the percentages at this time, but the ETFs are KMLM, PFIX, and BTAL. The portfolio was on the right side of the stock market today, but definitely on the wrong side of the bond market. I am currently wrestling with the components I want to include for consideration in the portfolio and the risk level I want to target. I hope this helps.


Because the account experienced a large capital gains distribution in PFIX that was not posted until January 2024, I am unable to calculate the exact loss in the portfolio for December. The loss was estimated at about -9%. I hope I learned something, and I will continue investing in and monitoring the portfolio.

IB portfolio return for January 2024: 1.84%

IB portfolio return for February 2024: 1.776%

IB portfolio return for March 2024: -3.06%. Holdings: EDV $153, PBT $36, PFIX $180, Cash $138.

IB portfolio return for April 2024: -0.56%. Holdings: EDV $207, PBT $35, PFIX $109, BTAL $38, FBTC $52, SBR $61, Cash $25.

IB portfolio return for May 2024: -0.30%. Holdings: BTAL $39, CF $80, CTA $82, EDV $143, FBTC $59, LEU $50, PBT $36, PFIX $49, SBR $66, Cash $24.
Returns for this portfolio are significantly reduced by fees, but the size of the account has increased because of funds added by IB from the IB class action suit recovery program.