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The Sharesight API gives Sharesight users the opportunity to link their own applications into their portfolio:

Are you using the API? Share your experiences and uses for the API and any questions you may have here! :grinning:

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Sharesight and Simply Wall Street

There is very little information provided by either Simply Wall Street or Sharesight but there is the capability to link your Sharesight Portfolios to an account at Simply Wall Street.

Information can be found here at Simply Wall Street:
How to: Link portfolio from Sharesight to Simply Wall St

I can’t find any information about this on the ShareSight side - there maybe a Blog post but these aren’t searchable.

To be able to view my portfolio on Simply Wall Street, I had to use an unlimited plan: Pick the plan that’s right for your investing needs

I have been using Simply Wall Street for nearly a year and while it has been useful, I have encountered many issues with the ShareSight link.

I have lost count of the number of times in that the link has been broken and needs to be re-established. This makes the reporting inconsistent.

Anytime when there is a problem, Simply Wall Street Support points the finger at Sharesight and if I contact Sharesight the problem appears to have resolved itself before they answer me. Part of the issue I have with my Sharesight support is that my Sharesight account is provided by my accountant and Sharesight don’t respect any third-party accounts when it comes to support priority.

Recently, after again relinking Simply Wall Street account with my Sharesight account, I found that a portfolio on Simply Wall Street was missing three shares, two from the LSE and one from Euronext.

After reporting the problem to Simply Wall Street support they wrote back and said “Upon review, there is a mapping issue on the ticker that is being used by Sharesight to the standard ticker formatting that we use. This is the reason why you have encountered a ticker that is missing because they have a different ticker format. Honestly, there’s nothing much we can do here since the linking facility is being handled by Sharesight but as an alternative, you may consider creating a local portfolio instead.
We understand that linking your portfolio makes it seamless for you. Meanwhile, you can easily utilize the import functionality of our app. In fact, creating a portfolio manually on SWS will give you more flexibility by allowing you to access and dig deeper information into the Returns Report which a linked portfolio doesn’t have access to. You may click the link below to learn how to create a transactions portfolio using a CSV file.”

Hopefully these issues can be resolved.

I’m using the v3 API to automatically update prices of the Vanguard Global Small Cap GBP fund i have as a custom investment, because it’s not supported on sharesight at the moment:

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I would like to link google sheets directly to Sharesight. Any app code scripts to get started on oath and portfolio list would be a great help.

If you contact our support team directly we can get this set up for you :+1: