Spaceship + Sharesight

Hi guys,

I invest in the Spaceship Origin portfolio and currently update the price in Sharesight manually every few days.

I was wondering if there was a better way of doing this?

I was thinking if Sharesight had an API - could use a scraper to grab the price info from Spaceship and update accordingly (but seems like an effort).

Any ideas?

You can ask the team at Spaceship and they provide a CSV of historic prices. Not ideal, but maybe beats the manual updating.

AFAIK Spaceship have no public API

Check if Sharesight have the facility to import an Emailed Spaceship confirmation. If so problem solved, just copy your portfolio emIl from Sharesight and put it in Spaceship. Then every time you trade Sharesight will be automatically updated and SS will keep a copy of the contract. If SS do not yet have this facility, request it as I think Spaceship becoming a popular platform.