I’d appreciate a very minor tweak on the holding details page.

On the bottom right corner of this page (which I have to scroll to see) are 5 expandable areas - one of which is “Comments”. I’d love to see a little speech bubble and/or the number of comments in this before it’s expanded. I can’t remember which holdings have comments and I certainly don’t want to click on each one to find out. Just showing this little “hint” would really help - then I could open up the “comments” section as necessary.

Screenshot 2023-05-02 081159

I have started to use the comments page and can simply have a date ahead of each new entry. In theory we will have a comment against every holding and no more than 15 shares and 15 bond issues at a time.

Like many, I came to Sharesight after I started investing. One of the most important things for me is recording why we make certain decisions. Of course some decisions will turn out to be “wrong” but it is useful to look back on whether we made an error in not following our process, or whether there was a chage we could not forsee, such as a change in management (eg CEO getting ill divorced and leaving or being fired abruptly( , or macro-economic environment). I find the comment a good place to record these, as I tend to lose track of notes jotted down in a spreadsheet or somesuch.

Generally we try to pick companies we are happy to own shares in for at least 10 years. We try to follow them through accouncements, 1/2 and quarterly reports AGM attendance, to minimise chance of surprise.