Sharesight Subscription Price Increase

Hello Sharesight. I have just received advice of the increase for my Investor Plan from $279 to $348 - 24.7% increase. I recall my concerns about pricing - below are extracts from the forum topic “Sharesight 2021 plans review in August 2021”:
Forum Me: “I have just completed this survey and found it most unusual - I gained the impression it was designed to support a desired outcome by Sharesight. Much as I support such surveys, this one left me with an uneasy feeling about future plans and pricing, and most certainly it did not capture my real feedback on the items. Notably, there was no provision to provide a general comment or feedback. Hence this topic.”
Forum Jessinv-Sharesight: “Thanks for choosing Sharesight and Welcome to the Community. Thanks for your feedback, rest assured we have no intention of making any of our plans worse.”
Forum Me: “Thank you Jessinv for your assurance: ‘Thanks for your feedback, rest assured we have no intention of making any of our plans worse.’ That is comforting.”
Well, you have made my plan worse by increasing the price by $69 six months after your assurance you would not. You seek to charge me for a 4th portfolio I do not need.
Unfortunately, I have to assume you will continue to greatly increase pricing, and further unfortunately, I cannot rely on your assurances, see above. Nevertheless I invite you to comment, but please don’t repeat the blurb thus far. To regain trust requires much better communication.

Hi @Observer

Thank you for your post.

Like a lot of businesses, we review our pricing throughout the year. Although we haven’t increased our standard prices since 2015, for various reasons relating to everything from data licensing, inflation and investment into the product, we have taken the decision to increase our prices so that we continue to invest in the product. . Although we’ve increased our prices we have given customers an opportunity to lock in current prices for another year at today’s prices.

We don’t believe that we’ve made your plan worse as we’ve incorporated additional features, including the contribution analysis report, and will continue to invest in the product with the aim of meeting the needs of our customers.

  1. Making the plan worse is one thing, in contrary to the assurance given to customers.
  2. There is no road map about when AMIT - annual tax statement problem is going to be fixed without disturbing reconciled bank statements. Is it going to be fixed properly, once for all for this financial year end?
  3. There is no point claiming, Sharesight is simplifying income tax returns with all figures available.
  4. Until tax statement problem is fixed, there is no point in using this feature of entering annual tax components or automating it for ETF’s.

I’ll just piggy back on point no 2. I think Sharesight offer a good service but the lack of a clear road map for the implementation of new features, initiated by either Sharesight themselves or its users on this forum, is frustrating to say the least.

I’m on the expert plan, but I certainly won’t be renewing if there’s a price increase unless a clear road map for new features is provided.

Hi @rn233343, we’ve just updated our managed fund thread addressing your points. You can find this one here:

I agree with the OG posters comments and £19 a month is just too steep for a system like this.

I need 2 portfolios with more than 20 (very limiting) holdings but without all the fancy bells and whistles, but the only way to get that is to pay for the Investor plan.

So I will be leaving after this month, as the value isn’t there over and above a spreadsheet anymore. I understand more features are being added, butt hats what the subscriptions pay for. Adobe (for instance) upgrade every piece of software monthly and the pricing doesn’t increase because the subscriptions already pay for the work.

Edit: I’ve downgraded to free, and have the benefit of an extra £200 to invest each year.

Thanks for the feedback here, this has been passed on to our commercial and product teams :pray: