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Hello, I’m sorry if this is the wrong place to provide feedback. The one thing that is bugging me the most at the moment is this:
Some reports take a long time to render. I’ve noticed this ever since you introduced the ‘splash screen’ that pops up when you invoke a report. For example, ‘Future income’, you click on it, then you have to click on ‘Run report’ and often nothing seems to happen, so much so that many times I kill it and start again. I’ve learned now that I have to wait. So perhaps adding some kind of ‘hourglass’ would be useful. It does seem to me though that some reports take longer than they did before, no hard evidence, just my sense.

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100% Agree since the reports have changed. The reporting has become so frustrating. Takes longer to complete a report, and have to click through too many buttons for the same result. Making my day harder, not easier.