Portfolio "as at" date

Currently when looking at the Portfolio Overview there is no indication of how current the data is. Please add an “as at” or “updated at” date to the top of the page, possibly under or next to the “current portfolio value” heading so that we can see how current the data is.

I know that it “should” be about 20 minutes old but recently there have been a few instances of the data not updating during the day, this then requires me to log in to my broker to verify the value of a stock so that I can ascertain if there’s an issue or not".

I note that this feature is displayed on the Holdings page but it’d be good to have it on the Portfolio Overview page too.

• What feature do you want to see in Sharesight? “updated at” date at the top of the Portfolio Overview page indicating when the data was last updated
• Why do you want it? This would help me know how current the data in the page is.
• How is this affecting you? Hard to trust this page without being well outside of the ASX hours
• Do you currently have a workaround solution? If yes, what is it? Cross verify with my breoker
• Can we reach out in future to ask follow up questions about this idea? Yes


Good idea, I would say “last updated at” not “as at”. One problem I can see though is that you can be looking from the perspective of different time zones and so would need that specified too and probably converted to the local time zone of the subscriber. When I am in Australia looking and my US shares for example I am looking at yesterday’s prices. So “Last updated at 8.15 am AEDT June 20” or something like that.

Just being able to display the value of one’s portfolio(s) as at close of trade on a given day would be excellent. More than just display values, would be a ‘what’s the Performance been up to say Dec 31, 2015’.

So really, just being able to put a date to calculate everything in the display up to.

You can do that easily now. Just go into the Performance Report. At the top you can select any from and to dates. The value it gives will be the value at the “to” date and the performance the performance between those dates.

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