Newby Question

HI there - I’m fairly new to investing, so apologise for my naivete. Looking at the summary of one of my positions, Virgin Money, Sharesight tells me i have a 39.1% total return this FY. How does that work out if the shares have decreased in value since purchase?

They may have mispriced your entry price. They recently did that on one of my stocks.

Hi @DiniG when you’re looking at a specific time period (aside from since first purchase), you’re asking Sharesight “How much has the price of Virgin Money changed during this period?”. In this case, Sharesight is showing you the market price changes between 01 Jul 2022 and current market price, which is why it is showing a capital gain. This has nothing to do with what is your original purchase price (or cost base)

If you’re looking for the actual unrealised capital gains/losses, the date option should always be set to ‘since first purchase’

Hi @Lew can you send us a message. Happy to investigate this further. Thanks.

Thanks, that makes perfect sense. I wonder which number is best to rely?

When I purchased stock symbol S, Sharesight mispriced it at $8+. It should have been priced at $13+. I was also unable to correct the error. I had to delete the portfolio and start all over.

In the overview, you should see all positions that are included in calculating the total return:

  • Capital gain: how your stock’s price has changed over the specified period.

  • Dividends that you received from the company emiting this stock.

  • Currency gain: for foreign stocks traded in different currency than yours, how the currency price fluctuations has affected your stock’s value.

Total return is sum of all these.