How does the return gets calculated?

I am so confused. When I view “In current financial year”, anything that was traded in last financial year but still holding seem to generate a wrong return.

For example say I bought a share at 70c for 7000 shares in April 2022 and the current Share price is 35c. When I view my portfolio in “Current Financial Year” view, it shows I have a gain of $35. What the??? Only when I change to “Since last purchased” then it shows correctly the loss. But what I want to see is the real losses in current financial year…

Hi @wll6568 you have to set the date to ‘since first purchase’ to see the actual unrealised gains/losses.

When you set the date to ‘current FY’, you’re asking Sharesight “Can you please tell me how has my stock (or portfolio) performed since 01 Jul 2022?” so Sharesight will compare the current market price against 01 Jul 2022 opening price.