More crypto assets?

currently looks like only a handful of crypto coins are supported (BTC, ETH)… wondering when would the more popular other alt coins be available to be trackable out of the box?


I’ve made the same request for the following:

ADA (Cardano)
COMP (Compound)
DOGE (Dogecoin)
FORTH (Ampleforth)



I suggested they add Crypto Compare to their API Providers.
A competitor uses it and it works so well for all the different coins out there and tracking realtime price.

4 Likes looks like a great idea.


I agree. It would be great to have more crypto options so I don’t have to keep an annoying Spreadsheet.


It gets very complicated when you buy XXX with AUD, but there’s no AUDXXX pairing, so you have to go via a stable coin like USDT.

With the ATO considering the USDT→XXX swap as the CGT sale event trigger for the USDT investment, reporting tools have to then cross reference the price of USDT in AUD at the moment the USDT is swapped to XXX. Often it’ll be mere dollars or cents from a few minutes of price movement - but it has to be reported.

Then you’ve got airdrops, staking rewards/…, where AUD has long left the party, but the AUD equivalent has to determined when dropped/rewarded/… both for income and cost base purposes.

Dedicated crypto trackers even struggle, even those US ones that do Australian bank syncing which Sharesight isn’t doing yet.

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More crypto coins is required, I can only list Bitcoin and Ethereum and not the rest of my holdings :frowning:


As above + Internet Computer (ICP)

Request to add Ergo (ERG).


I’m currently keeping track of a lot of cryptoassets manually. Updating their NZD value using EasyCrypto. It would be great if we could set things up so this is done automatically.


A possible start is to at least support the top 20? Crypto/Coins by Market Cap weighting. This would give at least give us ADA, XRP, BNB , DOT, SOL, LUNA, for example.


Another vote to add more crypto coins please!

Agree with need for top 20 cryptos please.

Also – need to add a trade type to account for transfer fees and other costs which would reduce holdings.

very keen for SOLANA (SOL) to be supported. - or at least the top 20 by marketcap.

Im doing the same for ADA and Invictus C20 token. It’s painful, but the only way right now. I did manage to speed things up slightly by exporting daily price list from CoinGecko as a CSV (you can track ADA/NZD this way as well, removing the currency conversion step), and uploading to custom holding, as opposed to individually typing a price and date. Still tedious though…

How are people accounting for gas fees when moving coins between wallets? Only way I can work out is a [close to] zero value sell trade, and adding the gas/txn fee value as brokerage…