More crypto assets?

Request to add Cardano (ADA) or at least the top 20 by market cap

+1 for SOL to be added please

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Why does sharesight only have 8 cryptocurrencies?

Why is Bitshares (BTS) one of them at rank 425 by marketcap yet something like Cardano (ADA) 6th by market cap not available; makes no sense…

Seriously fix this please.

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I track my crypto on the site which has portfolio functionality and then treat that as one custom fund. I update the value in sharesight periodically based on the value showing in

I think we should be looking at perhaps the top 100 cryptocurrencies via market Cap. I know there are thousands of junk coins out there which make it difficult to decide where to draw the line. I’m looking at this morning and #100 on the list has a market cap of over $1b AUD which means they are all at least as big as the companies traded on the ASX300.

In addition to the support for more cryptos, what’s the position on support for Staking? Right now, I’m just doing adding the staking credits manually once a quarter (but its probably not the way the ATO would love it handled.)

Maybe ShareSight could investigate some sort of tie up with something like rather than building all the functionality from scratch.

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Yeah, I second that. Sharesight should include at least the top 20 cryptos by market cap.

I like the idea of doing more Crypto’s but top 20 or top 100 may not be sufficient either. Many of us invest in newer smaller cap. Cryrto’s that have potential for a big run in price on their way up to becoming top 20 or top 100. If going to go through the effort of integrating with a service that supplies market data, do it for as many as possible. Support the same number that the data supplier supports do that it doesn’t end up being an incomplete solution.


I agree with you … then it’s just about building and maintaining the feed. Hopefully they choose to partner with a good site that provides a broad amount of data on all the crypto currencies.

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Hello Sharesight, any updates on members’ requests to include more crypto assets on the Sharesight platform? Crypto assets are becoming more and more mainstream in the average portfolio allocation. Can Sharesight please comment on whether this is under consideration or not? It’s frustrating that a not insignificant part of my portfolio cannot be tracked within Sharesight. What is holding back? I’m sure being able to track at least the top 25 cryptos by market cap would be greatly appreciated by many. Please kindly consider this.