Migrating Amscot to CMC - existing Sharesight acct - process?

Before commencing migration of old to new broker in my existing sharesight acct I’d like to know the correct sequence. Prime concern to maintain historic data already in Sharesight. Both brokers use the same integration but how to not overwrite existing sharesight data with blank history of new broker?
thanks for any tips

Hi @db1 welcome to the community! :partying_face:

If all of the trading history in Sharesight is correct, you won’t need to do anything. When you move brokers, the summary information is moved across (cost base, number of shares etc) and not the trading history.

So when you eventually do connect with CMC, nothing will import as there is nothing to import. Only your ongoing trades will import :+1:

Many thanks for the reply Jack_Sharesight…so am I right to say that the act of moving brokers won’t delete/wipe the existing trading history that is currently in Sharesight. In which case no worries , that’s my goal.