How to connect CMC to an existing account

I have recently changed from Selfwealth to CMC Markets. The integration procedure is for a new Sharesight account and does not work for an existing account. I have been in contact with your support team, who sent me the link I had already tried. Is their a way to conect an existing account to CMC

Hi, @wilharnic welcome to the community! :rocket:

You can connect your CMC account by following the directions in the below article:

If you haven’t imported your trades prior to moving to CMC no trades will import. This is because our integrations only import buy and sell trades. When you move brokers, only the quantity and cost base gets transferred across, no trading data is sent to CMC.

So if you’ve connected and still need to bring across your trades, you would need to access this information in SelfWealth and then import via our SelfWealth importer (below):

Keep me posted if you have any issues :+1:

So How do I get my over one year old account to show ‘Let’s get you started with Sharesight’?

@wilharnic You don’t necessarily need to do that. On your overview page, there’s a blue button titled ‘Add a new holding’ with a little arrow to the right of this button :arrow_down:. Click this arrow, and then click ‘Import from a Broker’. Then search CMC and you’ll be able to follow the steps in the help article.

I have tried this, I believe that only works for a new Sharesight integration. When I do it, Sharesight comes up with a notification that I am already signed in

Sorry not new integration, new account

@wilharnic did you get this resolved? I’m having the same issue.

Hey @stairs,
They have passed it onto CMC to look at. Have you contacted Sharesight, I had to push them very hard as they kept asking me to do the exact same thing over and over. But clearly hasn’t worked yet

This doesn’t work with existing accounts. Once you get to the integration page and are asked to log in (step 12 of the guide):

If you click log in with an existing account, it redirects you to a page saying that you’re already logged in (and the integration is cancelled):


Seems like there’s a bug in the login flow or something. Please try it yourself with an existing account. Sadly it seems that there’s no other way to report bugs in the platform than this forum. (EDIT: I’ve sent a message through the message widget on the site. Hopefully I get a response soon.)

We’re looking into this one, I’ll update this thread once we have more information :pray:

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