MARKET Column in .csv data file

One of the more irritating and time consuming aspects of manual entries of historical transactions is the MARKET column in the .csv file. I am an US investor and all my stocks are either in the NYSE or NASDAQ market. One would think that the software could figure that out based on the share symbol I provide. But no, I have to manually enter the Market for each symbol. That is by far the most time consuming aspect of importing data via .csv files. If I leave the Market column blank I am getting an error.

Could this be automated please?

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Are you entering the market code in the CSV file or at the CSV importer trades screen? The reason we require a market code is a lot of the time, the same ticker code is set across multiple exchanges, so we just need to determine which one it actually is. See below for an example of TSLA:

I enter it in the CSV file. Isn’t the share price the same for all markets?

Well, I discovered that if I actually do leave the Market column blank in the CSV file, the CSV importer template will automatically add the Market. Magic did happen! I am happy now.