CSV import doesn't cope with non USD prices


First time user. Trying to import my trading history from Hargreaves Lansdown using a CSV file. All the prices of the trades (regardless of instrument pricing domicile) are in GBP pence. However on import Sharesight fails for me in two ways

  • treating price as USD cents - the import fails (perhaps a bug). So I have divided all by 100, and imported at USD dollars = ok, that works, BUT
  • when importing instruments that are US listings - it thinks the price I am inputting is a USD price, rather than the post FX price in GBP. There seems to be no way to force SS to accept that my trading history import is priced in my home currency (GBP), rather than the instrument listing currency (USD)…

Is there a way to fix this please? Manually entering 100s of trades is going to be painful.