Importing crypto trades

I’m losing my mind trying to import crypto trades. In the document here Bulk import historical buy and sell trades | Sharesight Australia Help is states the price is in dollars, but in the description says the price is in the currency of the market. When I bulk import the trades with the AUD price it ignores that and indicates the crypto and the brokerage cost in crypro and not AUD. I have played around with the optional data fields such as exchange rate, brokerage currency but it seems broken and always wants to import the price in crypto and not $

Hi @btc6000 apologies for the inconvenience, cryptos are treated as currency in Sharesight. Thus you will be updating the quantity in cryptocurrency itself, however you can update the exchange rate for the transaction for it to be converted to your portfolio currency. Please get in touch with Sharesight support via chat or email ( if you need any further support with this.