IOZ AMIT Statement 2023

Just hoping someone may be able to help me. I’m not new to manually updating Sharesight with the data from AMIT statements. I have successfully done it in previous years, and also this year with Vanguard and Betashares statements (VAS, VGS, and DHHF). However, I am having trouble with this years IOZ one.

I have attached two images, the first being the AMIT statement, and the second being a screenshot of my attempt at entering the data into Sharesight. Basically, the Net Cash Distribution amount doesn’t match. What I find strange is that the amount it is off by is the amount listed as “Non-assessable non-exempt amount”. The “Non Assessable” line in the Sharesight components says it should be blank, but after reading through some previous forums this should be accounted for in the AMIT excess/shortfall. If I put the $47.81 in the AMIT Excess line and leave the $39.71 in AMIT Shortfall then it adds up. (Or more simply if I put $8.10 in AMIT Excess - i.e. the difference between $47.81 and the $39.71 shortfall - and $0 in AMIT Shortfall blank it adds up also.)

Anyway, is anyone able to shed some light on this? Is IOZ’s AMIT statement incorrect for me? Or am I doing something obviously wrong?
Like I said, I haven’t had this issue before but also in my other AMIT statements I always have had the non-assessable non-exempt amount equal to $0 anyway, so I’ve never run into it.

Thanks :slight_smile: