EOFY AMIT Statements

Hi all. I have 10 ETF’s and all the individual AMIT statements are starting to come in. I’m guessing I have two options, fill them in one by one into Sharesight or (I believe) I can wait a while and Sharesight will do it all for me? Is this correct? And, does it all propagate accurately when Sharesight automatically does it.

Ps how long would I have to wait till Sharesight does it for me because I’d like to complete my tax return soon.


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I have only ever done them manually as I confirm the distributions as they come in during the year (and save a copy of the pdf to the distribution entry). If you do that then the manual way is the only choice. Sharesight have made the process “fairly” easy as most items to fill in are self-explanatory or have good help bubbles associated with them.

In case you don’t know, you do the preocess from the Taxable Income report.

Paul :slight_smile:

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