Entering AMIT / AMMA tax data changes confirmed distributions. Aargh!

I’ve just completed manually entering AMIT / AMMA data for a number of ETFs and managed funds. The process is much easier than it used to be thanks to better labelling and info on the page.
However, I’m very frustrated that entering and saving the correct AMIT data will alter the amount of previously confirmed distributions, including how they are recorded in the Cash account for that portfolio. The amounts are only changed by small amounts e.g. 1 or 2 cents.
An example for one AMIT statement is that it increased 2 quarterly distributions by 1 cent and reduced another by 1 cent. Overall the AMIT figures indicated I’d received 1c more than actually was received.
I’m aware that accountants would consider this trivial and a “rounding adjustment” but the effect for me is to make reconciliation difficult and I end up looking for data entry errors repetitively.
Once a distribution amount has been entered and confirmed, I don’t believe it should be changed by the system. The AMIT screen could point out any discepency and allow the user to identify a problem or accept the discrepancy. The averaging of AMIT amounts across distributions is only relevant to capital base calculations, and should be limited to this aspect.


Same thing has happened for me - except this year the difference is way more than a couple of cents. For A200 the Net Payment reduced by several dollars. When moving onto entering the Annual Tax Statement Components for VGS it’s even worse - e.g. the 13U amount (Share of net income…) is much less than Sharesight’s prepopulated figure.

Entering the amounts from the ETF Issuer’s AMIT Statement ends up with the same Total for Net Amount (give or take a cent), but the allocated Net Amounts for individual Distributions (e.g. Quarterly Distributions) change substantially to what was actually received.

Going back and resetting the Distributions after saving Payout Changes made in the Annual Tax Statement Components seems to correct things (though I can see the AMIT Cost Base increase is only allocated to the Final Dividend this way)

Guessing there can be substantial discrepancies between data provided to Sharesight and holders of ETFs, and that Sharesight, when trying to allocate these changes back to the Distributions throughout the year, amends the individual Distributions in a way that there’s substantial inaccuracies in relation to the actual payments made?

It seems to come down to a choice between having accurate income records, and generating a report to help with entering Tax Returns.