Annual Tax Statements for Trust income

Hi all,

I’m new to investing so please excuse novice question.

When it comes to trust income, I have followed this guide (How Sharesight helps you handle Australian AMIT tax components | Sharesight Australia Help) to fill in the tax components of a trust according to the annual tax statement provided to me. I also watched the video at the bottom of page (10:30 - 19:00) and followed the steps.

After making the corrections to the components in Sharesight, I am not able to get the figures on there to match the annual tax statements provided by my trust.

I have attached a screenshot with the figures from my Sharesight account, the components details that I have entered including the tax statement from VAS.

Anyone would be able to guide what I am doing wrong?


Maybe check this thread, Managed Fund Tax Statement Reconciliation, and see if the example in there helps.

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I think changing Franked Dividends from 18.18 to 26.63 and changing the AMIT Decrease to AMIT Increase should sort your problem

Correction - Franked Dividend needs to be 26.63 - 8.26 = 18.37

Thanks Gavcam, I went through the post. Seems like I am not the only one having this issue. The problems are pretty much the same there and there aren’t any solutions really.

I thought it would be worth to mention that the figures that were imported in the tax statements by ShareSight originally did correspond with the net cash distributions from the RDV.

Despite this, I removed the initial numbers and re-entered the figures as recommended by ShareSight and only then did things not add up. From the original table, several columns were not filled out such as:

  • AMIT Decrease
  • Discounted Capital Gains
  • CGT Concession
  • Foreign income tax
  • Other Net FSI

Only after I had edited these did the wrong number show, but I also believe that while the original end figure may have been correct, not everything is labelled correctly as per the RDV.

I have attached the tables on how they were shown initially before I made the manual inputs. !