HVST ETF shows franking credit which is not shown in distribution amount

I found for HVST Beta shares australian dividend Harvester fund, individual distribution amounts do not match the distribution statements. It shows tax credit etc, which is not shown in distribution statement. This confuses total tax credit over the financial year and also AMIT reconciliation.

There are more errors with HVST as well.

Sometimes the franking is over 100% (ie: 105%) and SS just refuses to show the Dist in its reports, probably due to it being flagged an internal error.

To get around it, I zero out a box, but can’t remember which one.

I don’t have an example right now, but there have been multiple in the past and all you notice is money goes missing from the Divs/Dists summary.

I agree. That is why earlier I raised my voice on AMIT annual statement problem. First distributions do not reflect actual statement or close to statement with their own calculations of tax credit etc with cascading impact of AMIT statement readjustment of all distributions. Totally counter productive.