How to manage a transfer of shares

Vanguard have closed the fund for VAN0011AU (Vanguard Index International Shares Fund) and transferred the account balance to a new fund - VAN0003AU (International Shares Index Fund.

What is the best way to record this in ShareSight? I have recorded it as a sell transaction in the old asset and a buy in the new asset. However this causes all the capital gains and dividends to zero out.

Also require guidance in this scenario please. This applied to all Vanguard retail clients who have now been transferred to VPI.

Hi @iwilson @sharevision you can use the merge feature to convert VAN0011AU shares to the new fund VAN0003AU.

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Perfect, thank you

For those who who were moved from the original VG to VPI. After this was merged in Sharesight… Are the capital gains and dividend data reflective of historical data or are they just a record from when the merge occurred (I suspect the latter).

Eg. Say I bought 10 units in a VG managed fund in 2015 and in that time there has been a 20% capital gain. Then the transfer occured in 2023 and since the transfer there has been a 5% capital gain. Is Sharesight only showing the 5% gain and ignoring the history? If so, doesn’t this skew your overall capital gains since inception of your portfolio?