Managing investment in Australian Super

I’m new to Sharesight after my last provider messed up my data and account.

I’m trying to figure out how to track my investment in Australian Super which is split 60/40 into International and Australian Shares (I have to maintain at least 20% in AU Super’s managed products) . There is no unit price as such, their website only show the total of those two funds at the present time. I also have the Australian Super Member Direct service as my main retirement vehicle. In this I also hold VGS and VAS in this.

I’ve tried to mimic the AU Managed funds using VAS and VGS and they provide a reasonably close correlation, but obviously this messes up the dividend payment my Member Direct element of the account gets as Sharesight thinks I have more VAS/VGS then I do.

I know ‘custom investment’ is the way to do this, but with no published number of units or unit price for the AU Super Managed products how might I handle this?