Track “Industry Superannuation Funds”

Is it possible to use ShareSight to track Industry Superannuation Fund managers such as AustralianSuper, Hostplus, Unisuper et al and obtain daily prices of their various investment options?

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That is an interesting idea. I do not have an industry fund myself, but to automate it would depend on the Super Funds opening up their system to external systems to query them. I doubt they would do this. If they did allow this access then I am sure it would be possible for Sharesight to give you your fund balance on the summary. I doubt it could easily give you the return though, for this it would need know every super contribution.

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Hi @Harbord thank you for the post. I agree with @goronwyprice, we do not have tracking for ‘Industry Super Funds’. But you can add it as a custom investment in your Sharesight portfolio if you’re planning to track the balance of your superfund.

I am already tracking my Superannuation balance using the ShareSight “Custom investment” and then manually adding daily unit prices that are found on my superannuation website.

Clearly daily/weekly/monthly/annual unite prices are being published by various Superannuations funds. Analysts are able to obtain superannuation performance data.

My question pertains to ShareSight be able to automatically retrieve this data? Is there a “Central” clearing house of data for Superannuation funds i.e. APRA If not, is it possible for ShareSight to obtain the data for the top funds AustraliaSuper, Hotsplus, SunSuper et al via a backend Webscraper or any API that a Superannuation Fund may provide.

Surely this would benefit the majority of ShareSight users who have Superannuation funds and well as the Superannuation Funds themselves as share sight would provide a mechanism/feature/tool to analyse/model Superannuation Fund performance.

I agree with you it would be a good feature but I doubt the super funds would allow it. To get the returns Sharesight would need access every contribution. I do not think web scraping is an option in this case because your returns are probably password protected. Remember your individual return may not be quite the same as the fund return because of the timing of contributions and pension withdrawals.

Each fund investment option will have a unit price. The data is fundamentally available. Each fund is choosing to be transparent or not by making its investment daily unit price available rather than just the bare minimum of annual performance.

My request is for Sharesight to automatically obtain this data just like it does for the various stock markets and funds.

For example, google “Superannuation unit price”


APRA have Quarterly MySuper Performance statistics here:

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Hi @Harbord let me move this discussion under ‘Feature ideas’.


Yes but how would Sharesight know how many units you have to give you an accurate statement of your wealth. It would change all the time according to contributions and any income stream taken. If the superfund sent you a PDF every time a contribution was made, a bit like a share trade confirmation, then it would be possible.