SuperLife funds

I’ve just bought units in a SuperLife fund (NZ). I can’t find that fund with a search. I’ve visited the SuperLife web-site but they don’t quote a code I can use.
Has anyone found a way to add SuperLife funds to Sharesight or do I need to use a custom investment for tracking those?

@Bunter58 a quick search shows that we don’t have any Superlife funds in Sharesight, I would say at this point to track this as a custom investment.

Superlife doesn’t have unit pricing ie you don’t have a number of shares. All you have is a total value eg $1,000
You have to figure out the number of shares yourself eg $1,000 of NZ Top 50.
NZ top 50 is the same as the listed share FNZ
So divide the current price of FNZ by $1,000 Eg $1,000 divided by $3.157=316 shares.
Enter 316 shares of FNZ into sharesight

Using custom investment as suggested would not update the price automatically ?

You have to keep manually updating sharesight for purchases, rebalancing and redemptions
Another explanation:

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