FIREFINCH demerger

Hi there,

Does anybody know how to accurately input the Firefinch / Leo Lithium demerger into Sharesight?

Yes please - following.

So with LLL, you’ll add in the shares you received as an opening balance trade manually. There is a capital reduction component, but the ratios are yet to be released. I’ll update this thread once the information is out.


Hi Jack - just following up for an update on this. Cheers.

Thanks for following up, it looks like the ATO class ruling came out last week:

If you’re choosing roll-over relief:

So you’ll need to manually enter an ‘Adjust Cost Base’ trade on your Firefinch holding with the below ratios (as per page 5 of the above link):


Then with the value here, use this to enter as the cost base for the opening balance for Leo Lithium.

If anyone is not choosing to go down the roll-over relief, let me know and I can advise further :+1:

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