Capitall Call trade type

I am trying to set up an unlisted Cypto Fund in Luxemburg, its my first custom instrument. The fund started out with 5 capital calls dating back to 2018 and when I try to enter them, the system says “first transaction must be a BUY” and refuses the capitall call. So I understand Capital call is not what I know it as on the system.

A capital call, also known as a “draw down,” is the act of collecting funds from limited partners whenever the need arises. When an investor buys into a private equity fund, the firm makes an agreement with the investor that these funds will be available when the firm requests them.

The help page doesnt go into much detail about trade/adjustment type mean, would be useful to get issues like this one clarified there


I agree, trying to do the same for private equity investments and since the system forces the you to enter the first transaction as a ‘buy’ (vs a commitment), when you add subsequent capital calls to the investment these get added to your commitment (vs. being taken away from your commitment).


I have the same issue. Did you find a solution to this?

I thought of adding the first “buy trade” as my lump sum commitment and subsequently adding the capital calls.

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