Automatically including rental income on a weekly basis

In a recent email there was a video explaining how to keep track of a rental property using Dividends as the rental income.

I’ve since added our unit into my investment portfolio using this method, but I was wondering if there was a way to automatically add rental income without manually adding it per week seeing as this is a fixed amount that comes in steadily (with a good renter!) on a regular basis - Providing the opportunity to remove a week should the tenant fall behind.

Is this sort of automatic dividend investment available?

Thanks for your feedback. If you “Turn On” Automatically calculate income & maturity trades under the holding settings, and set the payment frequency, Coupon rate and First payment date, Sharesight calculates the rental income automatically.

Hi Roshan.

This was just what I was looking for. Unfortuntely when I expand the “Holding Settings” I get the message “This holding does not have n option to automatically re-invest dividends”.

Have I potentially set the rental up incorrectly?

Hi there, could you please reach out to us via so that we can further assist you on this case?