Adding Open Short Positions

Hello Sharesight,

How do I add an open equity short position without SS erroring? In other words entering a Sell order first without the corresponding Buy order which has not yet been executed? Thanks.

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Hi @Peter123, so we don’t support short selling in Sharesight. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to track these trades.

Thats it, no suggested workarounds or tricks to accommodate short sells?

Considering the many $$millions spent on product development I’m surprised and disappointed SS cannot handle a popular and common trade type - short sell trades.

Is it on the product development road map?


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Think this should be a key function. shouldn’t be too hard to just allow a negative first trade or a sell trade without opening balance. Can easily be checked with a “ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO ENTER A NEGATIVE TRADE OR A SELL TRADE WITHOUT A CURRENT BALANCE” item i would have thought.