Xero guides - Setting up Xero with multiple SS accounts

Sync’ing one Xero entity with multiple brokerage (and SS) accounts.

My set up is:

  1. set up each bank account that the shares (and brokerage ac) touches in Xero. Suggest use a common naming method - helps accounts sort correctly in SS in a consolidated view)
  2. in the respective SS portfolio, link to Xero and the right Xero account. In the Xero integraion setup in SS send the trades to the right broker bank ac and divs to the general ac (if that’s how you’ve got it set up)
  3. set up the cash accounts in SS in the respective portfolio

My broker doesn’t provide bank feeds so each month I download a file and upload to Xero and the transactions are all there posted from SS waiting to be reconciled (as the confirmations have already been emailed automatically by the broker to SS)

Hope this helps