Withholding tax for local stocks

• What feature do you want to see in Sharesight?
Enabling the “withholding tax %” setting for domestic stocks.

• Why do you want it?
At least in Spain, tax is withheld from all dividends and not just from foreign ones.

• How is this affecting you?
I have to manually add the withheld tax for every dividend from every Spanish company and then adjust the “Dividend Received” field so it doesn’t contain the gross amount but the net amount.

• Do you currently have a workaround solution? If yes, what is it?
See above.

• Can we reach out in future to ask follow up questions about this idea?
Yes, I’d be happy to provide more details.

I live in the Netherlands and have exactly the same question! I am aware that I am not answering your question. But I wanted to support it…

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Do Sharesight staff typically respond here at all? I guess this should have been a “request” rather than a feature idea? I’d appreciate it if someone could at least tell us this request is not being considered.

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@carsanbo @Willem2308 Thanks for the context on this request. This has been passed onto our product team to review. I’ll keep this thread updated with any updates as they come through :+1:

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Many thanks.

Would be great if this was added! Thx.