What time do Vanguard Mutual Fund prices update?

What time of day can I expect accurate closing prices? I know on Morningstar it was typically 3:00PM Pacific, but it seems later and somewhat inconsistent on Sharesight (some funds update before others).

I usually check Vanguard Mutual Fund prices at my Vanguard account after dinner about 7:00PM CDT, and they always seem to be updated by then. I assume you are the first US investor I have encountered at Sharesight.

I tracked it last night. Here’s how it came in (all times Pacific Daylight Time)
7:00 PM - no updates
7:30 PM - VSIGX and VLGSX had updated
7:45 PM - VTSAX updated
8:00 PM - VBTLX updated
9:15 PM - VEMAX updated
10:00 PM - VAIPX updated
It seems odd that 1) it would take so long given the markets close at 1:00 PM Pacific and 2) that the funds would all update at different times. Maybe some issue with the data intermediary that Sharesight uses?

It does appear to be a Sharesight issue. I think they just started covering many US mutual funds. Perhaps it will improve soon.