V3 API to Update Custom Investment Prices

I have a large number of custom investments which are not currently supported by Sharesight (mainly LU and IE mutual funds). At the moment, I generate one .csv file per fund containing the fund daily prices using Python. I then upload each .csv file one at a time on Sharesight using the ‘Manage prices’ tab. I do this once every 2 weeks but still find it very time consuming!

I was wondering if any of you had any success updating custom investment prices using the V3 API from Sharesight and would like to share their experience? (Loading...)
If I can get this to work, this would save me a lot of time!


For anyone interested in doing this, please let me know as I’ve found a way to automatically create new daily price entries for all my custom investments using Python and the Sharesight API.

I wrote a basic command line tool to add new prices for custom investments too, using v3: