USA share and dividend payments split for Return of Capital

Hi All,
Does anyone know how edit payments infomation so the tax reports for USA shares are correct when part of the dividend/distribution is ROC (return of capital)
Eg payment $100 WHT $15
ROC is $50 and taxable is $50 ($50 should reduce cost base)

The system takes on dividends paid and WHT amount but i cant split off the ROC to reduce my cost base of the stocks ?
I can split the line manually as tax free as a totally new entry but on volume entries this is not viable
Thanks in advance

Hi @taxsolut, in your example, is $25 taxable & $25 attributed to a ROC?

If that’s the case, then you can edit the dividend to show the correct tax rate. Then manually create a trade (through the add a new trade or adjustment button), select ‘Return of Capital’ and input the amount there.

Let me know if the above works :+1: