Unpaid Trade Adjustment

How do I handle an "unpaid trades adjustment. A term deposit has matured and Sharesight has created a sale and opened an “unpaid trade adjustment” under cash but not put the proceeds in the cash account. I am unable to do anything with this adjustment entry.

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So this payout should sync to the cash account once the paid date is met. Has this happened on your end?

In fact the paid date had passed already. The term deposit matured on the due date and the “sale” proceeds were put in an “Unpaid trade adjustment” account which could not be accessed from within the sharesight overview. However it turns out that the answer lies in a link that is sent by email. This link gives access to the otherwise closed holding (the now sold deposit) and from there it is possible to confirm the payment receipt and the “unpaid” account is closed with the funds transferring to the cash account.

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