Some saxo trade history ignored when importing


I have had trouble importing my trades history from Saxo for a few months and I wonder if anyone else has the same problem.
When I try to import all trades from Saxo, I get an error message: “20 invalid trades will be discarded without review” and all of my trades regarding VOO is ignored. All the other trades seems fine (well, I can’t see the 20 invalid trades, so some other trades might be included in the “invalid trades” though. But I assume everything else is fine).
I was able to import all VOO trades until June 2022 or so, I think. It stopped working at some point. I found that it doesn’t work in Apr 2023.

I contacted Sharesight customer support and they said they couldn’t investigate it further as they didn’t have access to my Saxo trades data. I contacted Saxo customer support and they said they don’t investigate it as Sharesight is not part of Saxo.

I’m still talking to Sharesight and Saxo customer support but just searching for someone who might know what’s going on or solved the same issue.
It’s almost tax time, so hopefully the issue will be resolved soon.

FYI, Sharesight customer support suggested that I provide them with my trade confirmations so they could import the “invalid” trades for me. I asked Saxo customer support to provide them. But regardless, I want to solve the problem as I don’t want to pay nearly 30 bucks a month and calculate the tax myself.

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