Moving system generated cash transactions

System generated cash transactions are being posted to the wrong cash account. How do I move them? Until I do, the whole “Cash” feature is pretty much useless.

Perhaps your systems are failing to distinguish between Third-Party Platform front ends (i.e. I have both Bell Direct and Macquarie brokerage accounts, both hosted by 3PP)
Surely linked cash accounts shouldn’t be linked across institutions??

Hi @tgilbert666 it would be best to contact our support team on this one.
You can contact support via the bottom right chat icon or email us on

They are linked across institutions/brokerage accounts. Basically the only work around I have found is to make sure I change the cash account to the right one before forwarding the contract note to ShareSight. That works 95% of the time, but occasionally I forget and I’ve even had a few cases of the exact same trade being included in 2 cash accounts! Then all you can do is manually add another cash transaction to reverse the entry.

Needless to say, I have stopped using cash accounts as I have found they are way more trouble than it is worth.

There has been another post on this. As I understand it at the moment you cannot link cash accounts to portfolios and markets. Ideally we should bar able to do this with the option to change the cash account on each transaction. So each cash transaction would default to a portfolio/market combination you set up when you set up the cash accounts. Then in each cash transaction you would have the ability to change the account.