Unlisted Real Estate Debt Products in SS

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had tried to input any unlisted CRE products on to SS. These are unlisted unit trusts that provide finance for real estate development - I have tried to input as a Property Trust and also Fixed Interest but doesn’t seem to reflect the return - an example of cashflow is below - if anyone had any ideas on how this might work would appreciate it - thanks

Hi Lucas,

I’d put it in as a fixed interest investment. So at the start I’d have a buy transaction of 100,000 units at $1 each, then as the principle is returned I’d record those as a sell transaction (i.e. on the 16/12/20 sell 6558.13 units at $1 each) and then record the interest payment as a dividend payout.

Thanks Tony, I ended up just entering it this way just as a Property Trust, so assume both ways come out the same, appreciate your reply Cheers Lucas

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