Thoughts on Copper as an investment?

Curious to what people here think of copper as an investment moving forward, given the tailwinds of ongoing electrification of society & also limited new supply being bought online:

I’m currently bullish on the investment thesis for the commodity, but unsure whether to buy into single stocks or just go for a copper-focused ETF (e.g something like the GlobalX Copper Miners ETF on the ASX, ticker code WIRE).

I can’t see a reason why many other commodities would look to outperform copper over the next decade or so, so am aiming to start adding a significant chunk of it to my portfolio.

Anyone else here invest in copper stocks or ETFs?

The copper argument is very compelling, but “logical” investing doesn’t seem to work very well for me. Everyone already knows the logical argument. I typically use models to choose my investments, but they have not worked well with mining stocks. I have owned SCCO and FCX. SCCO seems to be the higher quality of the two, but I understand FCX is rapidly paying down debt. I think a private equity company owns the majority of SCCO, and I like that kind of oversight. We are likely on the upside of the Kondratieff Wave, and I may add some copper shares to my long-term holdings.

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I own Glencore and Antofogasta. I have heard arguments for and against. Check out Trader Ferg on substack, and of course, I tend to agree, that there is a shortage of copper, and that demand will be there. The latter dudes reckon that Ivanhoe have discovered a new method of getting more copper out. Otherwise I’d probably just own some PGF , if they still own Freeport