How to input Bullion - and price linking

Hi There!
I’m new here.

How do I input Gold and Silver bullion?

I also want to link it to the spot price. There seems to be many sources to get a csv price list on the web. Can Sharesight automatically link to this?

From what I am reading you want to link it to an etf. The iSLV links to the USD spot rate but I don’t think there is a equivalent ticker which links to the gold Spot rate.

From what I can tell, ShareSight does not support physical Gold/Silver, so the best way to track them is probably to add it as a Custom Investment. That will require you to manually update the price though.

This is a feature I would find helpful too. Could someone from ShareSight let us know if it is something that is going to be added in the future?


Thanks for the reply Tony.

That seems a shame. Anyone on Sharesight, I would be happy with updated end of day prices rather than a live price as the bullion is long hold. I would assume that it shouldn’t be too hard to link up to end of day prices which are available on csv.


This would be a great thing to have as an option within Sharesight. I don’t currently reflect my bullion holdings within Sharesight, but being as it makes up 10% of my portfolio, it would make sense to track all my holdings in one place.


Yeah I would like this also. I currently put it in as an alternative investment and update the price manually every Friday (&/or month end) close.