The Uselessness of Reports with Foreign Currencies

Despite all of the information being in the system it is no end of frustration to me that I can’t get a report showing the historical cost in the currency of share I have purchased. Instead I have to download multiple reports and do it myself in Excel. Just why can’t this expensive product do even the most simple things?

Cheers, Chris W.

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Hi @chrisw76 hope you are well. Can I ask what is the use case that you want the historical cost in original currency? Is that for reconciliation purpose or?

Because I want to understand the performance of the share in local currency terms. The performance of the currency is a separate element. Secondly I need to use different conversion rates for different purposes (i.e. tax versus portfolio performance). All of the information is in the system to do what I want but I can’t get it out easily without manually calculating off-line.

Cheers, Chris W.