The Trade Desk - (TTD) Share Split

Hi All, I am new to Sharesight and need help with TTD shares that I have bought. In June of this year the TTD shares were split 1:10 but thus far I have not seen this change in our broker sight TDAmeritrade yet there is an automated ‘unconfirmed transaction’ in SS that I am not sure how to deal with. Could anyone help me with how I progress from here? I am uncomfortable confirming this automated transaction in SS to the 1:10 split as not sure IF this is the right thing to do when the TDAmeritrade is not showing the lower price per share as a result of the share split. Any help appreciated, thanks all.

Hi, @Les welcome to the forum!

With your TTD holding in your broker, are the number of shares the same as they are in Sharesight with the split? If so, it may just be that your broker displays the unadjusted price post-split where we are showing differently there to account for the split.

If we look at today (21/10) the close price for TTD was $79.56 USD, showing in Sharesight and also Google/Yahoo Finance. What is the price figure that your broker is showing at today’s close?