Suggestion: hide sold holdings functionality

I’m getting an increasing number of sold holdings on sharesight, as a result of watching Jim Cramer on CNBC :crazy_face:. So my list of sold holdings is getting very long. At the moment I use a custom group to move them to a ‘Sold holdings’ group at the bottom of the page. I still want them included in my total return calculations.

Would anyone else find it handy to have a function that allowed sold holdings to be ‘hidden’ but still included in the portfolio return figures? It would just save a lot of scrolling. Like the hide functions you have in Excel etc. I know you can turn on and off ‘include sold and open positions’, but that doesn’t help when your list of sold holdings gets very long.

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Hi @ecco!

If you’ve completely sold out of the position, you can change the toggle above the performance graph to show open positions only (see below) which will show only the positions you currently hold.

Filtering to show open & closed positions will include sold positions.

Thanks Jack. I realise there is that functionality but I often want to know what my return is including sold holdings, however I don’t want to have all of them showing on my list of holdings. Hence why I was requesting having a functionality where you could hide holdings from view but still have them being included in your portfolio return.

Plus one for this functionality. It is very annoying to have a long list of sold stocks visible in my overview page.