Sharesight Free, One Portfolio

Hello All,
I am a new user of Sharesight and am starting with the free version of Sharesight.
I am relatively new to investing and have been investing in a variety of options to see what best suits my needs.
I have a mixture of small investements with different brokers from ETF’s to Shares.

In the one portfolio can I add for example shares from Vanguard and ETF’s from Commsec pocket?

Apologies if this topic has already been asked but I have done a search and it seems i am the only person not understanding the One Portfolio option.

I am willing to upgrade Sharesight but at the moment the returns from my small investments amount to less than the cost of upgrading.

Thanking you in advance for any assitance given.


Hi @Paul, welcome to Sharesight!

A portfolio means a unique tax entity. You can think of a brokerage account under a personal name, under a joint name, under SMSF, or trading company etc, investments in these entities cannot be put into one portfolio if you’re using Sharesight for tax.

Going back to your question, you can add ETFs from your Commsec pocket and Vanguard shares into a single portfolio as long as they have the same tax entity i.e both are under your personal name.

Let me know if you have any question. : )

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Hi Ricky,
Thank you so much for the reply, your assistance is greatly appreciated.
You have helped me considerably.

I use Sharesight to track the performance of a fictitious portfolio. You can put up to 10 symbols from different exchanges and brokers in your Sharesight portfolio, and it will track the performance of that portfolio. In my opinion, things can get messy when new trades are executed because of the way Sharesight calculates portfolio performance.

Thanks Lew,
I have finally got around to manually adding my first transaction to my portfolio.
I hope to add another holding in a few days, I can imagine it can get quite messy. :slight_smile:

I manage several fictitious portfolios at different places including my own spreadsheets. I incorporate my findings from these fictitious portfolios to manage my actual brokerage accounts (Vanguard, Schwab, InteractiveBrokers). I have been investing in American securities for more than a half century. Don’t hesitate to ask if you think I may be able to help. I am not familiar with “Commsec”, so I am guessing you are not an American investor.