Share consolidation and tax

Hi, I have stocks which has undergone consolidation such as ERX US etf that I purchased via Saxo. Saxo handles this by selling and purchasing the stock. My question is will this result in a capital loss at the time of consolidation? As this is not a sale made by me, it should not be a capital loss (gain) untill I actually sell it in the future. Does anyone have any advice on how best to handle this ? Ta

Hi @Shaun1ee! :wave:

Sharesight will automatically generate the units gained or lost as a result of a split/consolidation, which won’t result in a CGT event impacting the holding.

Our team is looking into this specifically with the Saxo integration, having our system-generated transactions plus a buy/sell from Saxo push through will cause your holding to be imbalanced.

While we look into this, it’s best to manually adjust your holdings by deleting any of these trades that push through from Saxo for consolidations/splits.