Trying to figure out how Portfolios work.

Start of last year I created two portfolios, one for each of my brokers. I’m trying to figure out how to do my tax reports, specifically GCT and I’m having now joy. It seems to treat each portfolio as it’s own thing so I can’t properly track the combined capital gains/losses for my combined holdings. EG. Portfolio one makes a GC Loss and Portfolio two makes a gain. I can’t offset the loss against my gains. How do I merge the portfolios or do my reports?

I think it is a mistake to do portfolios by broker. Do them by tax entity. Then you get the capital gains all together on the capital gains report. Having multiple brokers in the one portfolio creates no issues. In my personal portfolio I use three brokers and in my superfund two.

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I think I figured that out now. I merged two accounts into one that’s how the two portfolio issue came to light. So I can’t seem to find a way to merge them

@dan801 our support team can help you out with transferring holdings between portfolios :slight_smile:. This is a feature that is intentionally hidden in the interest of safety.

Hi if anyone is monitoring these posts from Sharesight. Is it possible to report combined portfolios so if you have investments in your own name and in the name of a trust you can see how the total family investments are performing.

You can create a consolidated view which allows you to generate our performance reports on all the portfolios included in the consolidated view.

Note, for tax reports these must be run at an individual portfolio level.

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