Question about Sharesight and Dividends Payments in Portfolio

Hello, I have a question about Sharesight and their dividend payment calculations in their portfolio app. I’ve noticed it seems to be a little bit off and I can’t figure out why.
This seems to be with every company but I’ll use TSE:CVE Cenovus energy as an example. If you say in your portfolio You’ve owned 100 Shares since Dec 1, 2020. Then it will show you having a payout of $8.75 to date. Where as if you look up Cenovus energy’s per share dividend payment and multiply it by 100 shares it will have a payout of $8.90 to date. What is the 15 cent difference and what am I missing here?

For example you can view the dividend history here: CVE Dividend Yield, History & Payout Ratio (Cenovus Energy)
If you cross check this with share sight it doesn’t seem to match what they are showing in the portfolio tracker.

It looks like there may be an error on the MarketBeat website for the March, June and September dividend amounts. Those amounts show as $0.0180 vs $0.0175 on the Cenovus website itself. I would tend to trust the figures shown on the company website. It could be just a rounding error. Note that the Cenovus website does not yet show the Dec 2021 dividend payment but the other 3 dividend payments seems to explain the difference you are seeing. Hope this helps!

Thank you okay, maybe its a rounding error. my brokerage Qtrade also showed it as $0.018 which is so strange these supposed reputable companies would round.