Privacy Policy

I am concerned by the privacy policy of Sharesight Australia. It states:
“We may disclose personal data we hold about you to a third party for any purpose that is directly or indirectly related to the normal use of Sharesight.”
What does this mean?
Can Sharesight sell or share my data to others for advertising, data aggregation or other unwelcome purposes?

Does Sharesight comply with ISO 27001 and Consumer Data Right (CDR) standards? If not, why not? Is it planned for these standards to be introduced in the future?

Hi Lex,

Thank you for your post.

Sharesight does not sell or share data with others for advertising or data aggregation. The third-party services referenced relate to third-party technology services (like the software used for this forum) which require personal data and are vital for Sharesight to function or aid the customer experience. We don’t use this personal information beyond this type of use case.

Further information on how Sharesight protects your data can be found here.

We review our policy and any changes regularly and any relevant changes will be shared with customers on our website.

Thanks for choosing Sharesight,