Does your investor club use Sharesight's sharing feature?

Are you involved in an Investor Club and use Sharesight as part of your investment discussions?

My Investor ‘Club’ consists mostly of family. We share investment ideas through chat apps like WhatsApp and Telegram, but we also share around Sharesight portfolios using the guest feature.

I’d be interested to know if others do the same and how Sharesight’s features contribute to your clubs success.

I like the Sharing for accountants etc but dont want to have to create a username and password.

Id love a public view, shareable URL of just % held and Stock Tickers, M1 Finance in the US does this will with the Share My Pie Feature.

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It’s a good way to use Sharesight for sure. I’m not in an investing club but I know someone who is and he uses Sharesight in a similar way. He has a portfolio and shares access to all his friends that are in the club. They designated one person to make all the investments and then the members of the club all vote on the decisions. They use Sharesight to see the cash balance from the bank account and generally track the performance of the portfolio before their monthly meeting, which they say works well because it’s really transparent.