New Woodside ticker conflicts with an old stock

Hi, I’m new to Sharesight so still finding my way around. I’ve just added a holding of Woodside Petroleum (ASX) shares to my portfolio using the new ticker for that company, ASX:WDS (previously ASX:WPL), since its name change to Woodside Energy. However, my opening balance is dated in 2008, and after adding it I get a message that the company no longer trades on the ASX. It appears to be referring to some older speculative company, WDS Ltd, that traded until 2014, and Sharesight has picked up the stock price and dividends from that company, rather than showing the ASX:WPL data.

Is there a way to force the system to use the Woodside data right back to 2008?

@djb21au welcome to the community! Have you held WDS since 2008? Or did you hold and sell-off prior to adding it this year?

Thanks Jack. We’ve held the Woodside shares since 2008, when they came to us via an inheritance.

So if you enter the WDS shares as an opening balance on the date but in 2022/2021, save, and then edit the trade date to be 2008 it will save on the new Woodside ticker :+1:

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Perfect! Thanks a lot.